Adult ESOL teachers are a rare breed...perspicacious, systematic, buoyant, resilient and coalescent.
(Okay, sure-- they were prompted with those choices...but they could have chosen not to vote. Did I mention that adult ESOL teachers are also very supportive? )

Over the course of five 1/2 hours these teachers committed themselves to sit in a windowless--and at times airless--room, working on ways to integrate the College and Career readiness Standards at the very beginning level of ESOL.  (Beginning literacy, Low Beginning and High Beginning) Not an easy process--let me assure you, but an important one. It involves looking at ways to help learners begin their dive into complex texts and citing textual evidence--using visuals, short pieces of authentic text, and all matter of multimedia.
Want to have a little fun? Try inferring what the image on the right is. Consider what evidence you are using as the basis for your inference. Then go to this link to check your inference. (You might need to scroll a bit and then click"Show answer." )

If you'd like to see the materials shared in the workshops, they're posted on the Tools and Tips page of the website. And if you're ever in Devens, Massachusetts--you can't go wrong with the Marriott Springhill Suites. The people here are SO kind. There I was an hour before the workshop with the winter air turning me into a victim of intense static cling -- miserable in my suddenly form fitting blouse. (Form-fitting is not a place I like to go...) In response to my deep woe,  Jen at the front desk found a few dryer sheets. (In case you don't know, applying the sheets to the inside of clothing removes the issue.) Thanks to Jen (and Bounce ;-) ) flow restored.

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