What happens when 200+ people show up at a workshop you feel certain will attract 50? You have four times more fun!  Lori (Howard) and I had a great time working with teachers, teacher-educators, students and other equally-important-but-unidentified participants at our Paired Reading session today. At one point- which I so wish I had on film--everyone in the room demonstrated the positive nature of "leaning forward" because I asked them to. (With great power comes great responsibility...)

The day got even sweeter. After doing a run through of the OPDi at the Oxford Booth for an exhausted but enthusiastic instructor from Indiana, I met an instructor from Russia who told me that she was using the OPD to teach Russian gas company executives.  "Bosses are using your book," she said with a laugh. I think I'm going to have to adopt that as my new catch phrase. "You want to know why you should use this book with your learners? Bosses are using it--that's why!"

She promised to send me a photo of the learners with the books and I promised to write them a letter. We finished up this swell collegial encounter with a photo op in front of the sparse yet elegant display at the Oxford booth. All in all-- a day well spent!