Day One In Singapore!

When I arrived in Singapore at 3:30 a.m. today--it was still yesterday for all the people I love. I have to believe in time travel, because I just did it. I also believe in air conditioning. I love it. I will reduce my carbon footprint in every way I can--but please God don't take away air conditioning...As a woman of a certain age, the weather in Singapore is brutal-and the air conditioning is glorious. (I had been told that all the women wear pashminas or fleece jackets in offices in order to cope with the cold, but not I-- I just reveled in the icy air)  I tried out the MRT bus system today --air conditioned ;-)  and rode the pink and yellow 139 Singapore bus to the Institute for Adult Learning. I had a bright shiny orange name plate, an ergonomic chair and a lovely view waiting for me.
Then on my way back to the apartment I saw an incredible temple and played tourist trying not to kill myself as I photographed it. Look carefully to see all the detail. I wish I could have figured out how to zoom in.
Then I came back to the tower that houses my apt.  "Intelligent City" (I kid you not)  
One thing I really enjoy is when the names of the shops are the building version of "Mr. Smith." For example, the market chain is called "Cold Storage." And that it was (yes, more air conditioning) So much here is like the US but it's little things, like all the different cartons of  eggs out in stacks on the floor--unrefrigerated.
I'm in the expat part of the city, so the prices are pretty high, but what the heck, I found turkey bacon! Jenni O'Turkey Bacon in Singapore...who knew? but then of course, there were the chicken toes. (My grandma used to love them, so I took a photo.)
After kicking off my shoes and turning down the air conditioner (do you sense a theme?) I made soup (perfect in the wintry climate of my abode) Soon after,  I had about 50 guest drop by--uninvited I might add...yes--ants! On the 13th floor, Truly, they must be determined little buggers. (literally) I called downstairs to the apt manager and they sent up someone with a huge can of spray. I sent him away with a sweet smile and clear lungs--and then keeeled them all apologizing to each as I sent him/her back onto the wheel.  They were probably hoping I would give them a ride in my combo washer/dryer...right in the kitchen! (I know, try not to be too jealous.)

And now it's 10 p.m. and I think the jet lag hammer has hit me on the head. More adventures await on the morrow--a trip to the center where we'll hold the workshops and another to a site for a class observation and the greatest adventure of all, making my Mac documents work on a PC. Oh yes, and it's Valentine's day here tomorrow. There will be chocolate...I just know it. 

xoxoxoxoxooxox from she-who-has-been-Singapore-slung