ACE of Florida - Changing Lives through Adult Education

(Note: I do recognize that one post every 7 months is not the idea blogging time frame. And I promise to share some of the adventures that have kept me distracted since March. But let's start with this past week's ACE conference in Orlando Florida.)

The ACE Adult Education conference is always a wonderful gathering of passionate and committed adult education professionals invested in their learners and seeking out the instructional strategies that would best serve their learners' needs. Having faced hurricanes and financial reversals a-plenty, this organization knows how to put a program together.
This was a great conference in many ways, not least of which was that I was joined by four of my favorite colleagues. The California Invasion included Marsha Chan (Pronunciation); Susan Gaer (Mobile Learning and Mobile Apps ); Lori Howard (Paired Reading and Transitions); and Ronna Magy (Problem Solving and Interpersonal Skill Development). I  gave workshops on all three days... (note to self: reconsider that strategy!) My presentations and handouts for Five Fun Ways to Focus on Form; Reasoning and Rigor in the Adult ESOL Class: Integrating College and Career Readiness Standards in the ESOL Instruction; and Moving in the "Write" Direction are all available here.

Participants working to unpack the College and Career Readiness Standards
Kudos to Valorie Boyd, executive director of ACE and her staff: Julie Roberts, Leigh Ann Clark, and Charlotte Hall. I'm sure they're not getting a moment to rest on their laurels, but they should!