Face-to-face & Online PD

Lighthearted learning particpant-centered workshops, webinars, online training, plenaries and keynote presentations employ active learning and collaborative learning strategies.  Each of the ready-made workshops and Webinar sessions is customized, based on participants' needs assessment surveys and/or interviews with program leaders. 

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Workshops offered in the 2018 - 2019 school year include
  • Rigor, Relevance & Respect-Right from the Start: Instructional strategies and tasks that support English language learners' 21st century needs.
  • English Language On Ramps to Career Pathways: Contextualizing English language instruction as part of ESL classes, Integrated Education and Training, Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education, and/or Family Literacy.
  • The Mysteries of Rubrics Revealed: Employing formative assessment tools (rubrics, checklists, learning logs, etc.) to increase learner autonomy, self monitoring and growth mindset.
  • Complex Visuals Today - Complex Text Tomorrow: Making the connection between visual thinking skills, English language proficiency, and college career and civic readiness.

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Each of the workshops below includes an overview of the theoretical information associated with the workshop topic, technique demonstrations, processing activities and application tasks. Click on the + to see the objectives associated with each workshop.



Mastering the Magic and Madness of the Multi-Level Classroom+

  • Mastering the Magic and Madness of the Multi-Level Classroom
  • Differentiating Presentation in the Multilevel Class
  • Working with Cross- and Like-ability Practice Activities

Strategies for Sanity and Success in the Learner-Centered Classroom+

  • Managing Learner-centered learning Environments
  • Identifying Learner -centered Presentation Strategies
  • Analyzing practice tasks for the learner-centered environment

Grappling with the Group Dynamic+

  • Exploring the Elements of Cooperative Learning
  • Developing Cooperative skill objectives
  • Framing Grouping techniques and group tasks

More than “Wh-”: The Art of Asking Questions in the ESOL Classroom+

  • Applying the Revised Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain to Classroom Questions
  • Working with Early Production, Focusing and Processing Questions to Check Comprehension
  • Building Learners' Questioning Skills

A Lexical Feast: Vocabulary Learning Strategies for All +

  • Working with Vocabulary Learning Strategies (VLS)
  • Developing vocabulary lessons
  • Incorporating VLS in integrated lessons

Show me! An Objective Approach to Lesson Planning+

  • Examining effective practices in lesson staging
  • Correlating Needs, Objectives and Assessments
  • Working with Textbooks

Huh? Listening and Clarifying in an Unclear World+

  • Correlating First and Second Language listening strategies
  • Developing Authentic Listening Tasks
  • Using Student-to-student listening tasks to build clarification strategies





Each of the Webinars below runs between 45 and 60 minutes and includes a brief introduction to the research associated with the Webinar topic,  demonstrations, application suggestions, and a question and answer session. Click on the + to reveal the background theory, demonstration and application tasks for each session.






Picturing Success in the Multilevel Classroom+

  • Background: What role do visuals play in ML classroom?
  • Demonstration: Using language experience activities in ML settings
  • Application: Using visuals to help learners increase their accuracy and fluency

Write About Now+

  • Background: Why work with writing skill development across levels?
  • Demonstration: Writing tasks that are easily integrated into any class
  • Application: Providing tasks and feedback to improve learners' writing

The Joy of Task-based Instruction+

  • Background: What is TBI and how does it benefit our learners?
  • Demonstration: Looking at a TBI lesson- the benefits and the challenges
  • Application: Developing tasks for the TBI classroom

Communicate, Cooperate, Cope!+

  • Background: Why are cooperative skills essential in the ESOL class?
  • Demonstration: Teaching cooperative skills
  • Application: Managing tasks that incorporate cooperative skill development

Five Fun Tasks that Build Learners' Accuracy+

  • Background: How does interactive practice build grammatical accuracy?
  • Demonstration: Dictocomp, Peer Dictation, Grid Games, Mark My Words & Sentence Maker
  • Application: Differentiating grammar practice in the ML classroom

Signs of the Times: Real Life Reading Tasks in the Workplace+

  • Background: How can we provide instruction in non-prose reading?
  • Demonstration: What are the steps in non-prose reading?
  • Application: Working with forms, graphs, infographics and more





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TESOL Core Certificate Program
Curently teaching: Teaching and Assessing the Adult Learner

Scheduled for 2013: Using Picture Dictionaries in the Multilevel ESL Classroom

Currently facilitating: Using Questioning Strategies to Improve Instruction