(The Oxford Picture Dictionary 2nd Edition )

OPD Interactive $161.51

OPD App  $9.99

Biligual Edition $19.72

OPD Canadian Edition   $21.28 CND

OPD Classroom Presentation Tool  $294.00

OPD Workbooks $17.25

J. Spigarelli, M. Fuchs and M. Bonner

These richly illustrated companion workbooks for  the OPD 2e program support learners’ listening, reading and writing skill development while incorporating practice with 4,000 useful and practical words and phrases.

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Classic Classroom Activities  $40.28

The OPD Family Literacy Handbook  $40.28

The OPD Vocabulary Teaching Handbook  $18.95

Word Knowledge: A Vocabulary Teacher’s Handbook   $25.78

Basic OPD $19.48

Oxford American Learner Dictionary Program $25.95-39.99

This new set of learner dictionaries are written specifically for students working to improve their English language skills, supporting English learners, struggling readers, and special education students with three levels: Basic to Advanced. Based on extensive research with U.S. teachers and language-learning experts, these three new dictionaries help students:

• Transition from picture dictionaries more easily by using words they can understand for definitions and using illustrations for more difficult words.

• Learn content area words from math, chemistry, biology, geography, etc.

• Focus on the Academic Word List andthe Oxford 3000TM (the most important words to learn in English).

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Oxford American Dictionary
Vocabulary Builder

K. Folse

This handbook, by vocabulary expert Keith Folse, helps students: learn and practice the most important words to know in the Oxford English 3000TM. It also helps them explore the many ways a dictionary can extend their vocabulary.

Read All About It  $18.00 ea

L. Howard, series director

This Low-beginning through High-beginning three book series offers high-interest readings based on authentic materials. Topic-based lessons help learners become strategic readers. learn more>

Read and Reflect $26.95

J. Adelson-Goldstein, and L. Howard

The Read and Reflect series helps students develop their academic reading and thinking skills while they acquire academic vocabulary. Readings are based on a variety of authentic sources and explore US culture as a starting point for meaningful cross-cultural discussions.

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Step Forward: English for Everyday Life

J. Adelson-Goldstein, series director

A five-level ESOL integrated skills course that supports differentiated instruction, and helps learners use English to demonstrate their critical thinking and problem solving skills. The series is standards based, linked to the Oxford Picture Dictionary2e and includes lesson plans by J. Curries, lesson plans, workbooks, interactive CD-roms, and multilevel activity books.

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Step Forward Multilevel Activity Books $29.94

C. Mahdesian,  et. al

Each book of reproducible materials provides the basis for task-based instruction in the multilevel classroom-each worksheet can be used in three different ways, allowing all learners to get the same material. Differentiation occurs in the approach the material and/or the roles learners take on in the task. Each book’s worksheet is linked to a lesson in the correlating Step Forward text.

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Step Forward Professional
Development Program

J. Adelson-Goldstein, Series director

Readers can pick and choose which aspects of instructional planning they want to develop in this highly accessible tool for developing communicative, multilevel ESOL lessons.  Reflection prompts and simple practice tasks.

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Grammar Sense $54.26

S. Bland, series director

A four-level grammar series with an online practice component that is discourse based and very accessible. (This is a great tool for ESOL teachers who want to “get a handle” on grammar instruction.) Grammar is presented in context and both accuracy and fluency exercises are part of the program. Be sure to check out the interactive program as well!

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Ingles Ya! $350.00

S. Powers,  producer


Teacher Training Through Video $350.60